Good evening sports fans and welcome to another edition of Devil's Talk  Your hometown team really did a number of hard hits and fast breakaway runs yesterday! The Devils played a dual game on Saturday for one of the makeup games earlier in the season... rough going... had to use members of the subs just to survive that outing!! But your hometown team prevails on both accounts!!  The first game played, the Devils rolled over the Techs from the Army with a 55-15 rout!!  The Scrum Half Mousie made 3 tries unassisted 30 meter runs  Seem liked the little Mouse  just couldn't be caught!! and the Irish lass "Rookie" bounces over the try line for the last score of the game!!  Woo woo!! Then the second game was played against the Pistol  packin' Mamas from the FBI  That was a tougher game but the intrepid Devils managed to get a 35-31 victory!!  8 and 1 now folks..... 8 wins one loss, the Devils should be called the Steamrollers!!  The social was attended by 4 teams  what a rowdy time that was.... we dominated the Irish pub we were in but ohhhhh boy..... it was fun folks.... Bawdy singing lots of friendly challenges and of course the entire Devils Team doing their little winning shimmy dance across the bar room floor!!      


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Comments (2)

  1. smitty45

    June 05, 2017
  2. wirelessguru1

    For a second I thought that you were talking about the GS Warriors… LOL!!!

    June 05, 2017